Showcasing the latest scientific discoveries & biotech innovations

Bioidea Group is invitation-only platform that connects most promising biotech companies and academic innovators with a curated network of pharma industry experts, investors, and strategic partners. Our exclusive roundtable events showcase cutting-edge investment opportunities in the biotech and healthcare sector. Each event features a 30-minute presentation by a carefully vetted company, followed by a dedicated 15-minute Q&A session, enabling entrepreneurs to engage directly with our core team of industry decision-makers and thought leaders. To maximize the impact and reach of these events, we invite a broad audience of investors, healthcare executives, biopharma professionals, and medical experts to participate virtually via Zoom. The interactive format and thoughtfully designed setting, complete with light refreshments, fosters productive collaboration, facilitates valuable connections, and drives meaningful results for the presenting companies

Presenting Companies

Presenting companies will focus on therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and digital healthcare. Roundtable includes private or public companies at various stages of development who offer high potential for growth. Recognizing the importance of early-stage innovation, we seek and invite emerging biotechs, innovative startups, entrepreneurs and academic innovators.

  • About to launch or early startup (seed funding or Series A)
  • Emerging or mid stage startup (series A-C or later stage financing)
  • High growth or private company (not required but could consider IPO in 12-24 months)
  • Public companies

Pharma Experts and Executives

We invite R&D leaders from local pharma companies who focus on flexible partnering models, external R&D innovation, strategic partnerships, business development and venture capital investments. Core guests also include pharma experts with specialized expertise in a wide range of fields.

  • Preclinical drug discovery
  • Clinical development
  • Regulatory submissions
  • BD & Venture Capital Investments
  • External R&D Innovation, including biotech and academic partnership groups
  • Strategy & portfolio management
  • Marketing & Commercial
  • Legal


Bioidea roundtable is free to qualified investors. This invitation-only event will attract accredited investors, high net worth individuals, and institutional investors who focus on pre IPO companies. Our team will vet all investors.

  • Angels, VCs, private equity,
  • Institutional investors
  • Banking, trading and brokerage firms
  • Equity Research: Buy and sell side analysts
  • Family offices, hedge funds, portfolio and wealth managers
  • Pharma corporate VCs

Attending Pharmas